Defines one or many relationships between an infinite axis and single particles.

Orientaiton of the axis is defined by 2 points: axisA and axisB.

var axisA = 0, axisB = 1
var a = 2, b = 3, c = 4
var single = AxisConstraint.create(axisA, axisB, a)
var many = AxisConstraint.create(axisA, axisB, [a, b, c])
AxisConstraint( axisA, axisB, a )
  • axisA Int

    Particle index defining start of axis

  • axisB Int

    Particle index defining end of axis

  • a Int | Array

    Particle index or list of many indices

applyConstraint( index, p0, p1 ) protected
Defined in Constraint: src/constraints/Constraint.js:90 Apply constraint to one set of particles defining a constrint relation. Called _count times per relaxation loop.
  • index Int
    Constraint set index
  • p0 Float32Array (Vec3)
    Reference to ParticleSystem.positions
  • p1 Float32Array (Vec3)
    Reference to ParticleSystem.positionsPrev
create( ) static

Create instance, accepts constructor arguments.

setAxis( a, b )

Set particles defining constraint axis

  • a Int

    Particle index defining start of axis

  • b Int

    Particle index defining end of axis

setIndices( indices, [a] )
Defined in Constraint: src/constraints/Constraint.js:73 Set particle indices with Array or list of arguments.
  • indices Int | Array
    Single or many particle indices
  • [a] Int (*..n)
    Particle index
_count Int private
src/constraints/Constraint.js:37 Number of constraint relations managed by this instance
_itemSize Int private
src/constraints/Constraint.js:46 Number of particles per constraint relation
_offset Int private
src/constraints/Constraint.js:55 Number of indices to save at beginning of index array
indices Uint16Array
src/constraints/Constraint.js:29 Particle indices defining constraint relations